We are a single centralized point of contact for all your industrial needs in material testing and analysis. A professionally managed company with a dynamic business team of highly qualified Researchers,  Engineers, Chemists, and other versatile trained staff.  Our customer centric approach makes us a leading company in providing the best new-age solutions to help meet challenges of communities, business and individuals. Our enterprise is capable of enhancing the efficiency of your work environment by implementing best practices; researched and developed in-house; helping you benefit through an increase in revenue and ensuring sustainability.  

Our management understands the needs of assessment of client requirements and expectations, competitive pricing, quality work, credibility of results, reliable systems, data protection, transparency and fairness and most of all loyalty. Our specialized , diligent and focused team offers the entire spectrum of services ;ensuring your metamorphosis through utilization of technology and improved state of the art upgraded systems. 


 To sum it all we are :  TTS (Tribo Technical Services)  :   

T - Talented Team      T - Trustworthy Tie-up       S - Sincere Service



  • Becoming India’s dominant and unparalleled Laboratory Testing Company. 
  • Collaborating with the latest technology to provide timely Material Testing and accurate Analysis. 
  • Enriching lives by respecting planet Earth and its natural resources.
  •  Leading the industry in providing the best technical support and cost effective solutions. 
  • Striving to become a successful and respected organisation who demonstrates Social Responsibility.
  •  Managing long term business relationships dynamically and consistently.  



 OUR MISSION STATEMENT - “Business Transformations Redefined” 

Virtues and not just words describe our capabilities.     

  • To honour commitments and provide customer satisfaction.
  • To contribute using our core competencies resulting in quality solutions. 
  • To optimize through the judicious use of cost effective methods and processes.  
  • To be consistent with our standards in proficiency.  
  • To adapt to a “zero compromise policy” on our code of business ethics. 
  • To prioritize safety, health and environment protection before profitability. 
  • To value progress of our people and reward their performance.
  • To exceed industrial expectations bringing sustainable growth through technical enhancement.  
  • To continuously strive to maintain valuable partnerships through integrity, deliverance, open communication, timely dependency and quick assistance.  


Enabling analytical decisions to make industry profitable through plant, product and environment reliability.