From seed to harvest we test everything. At Tribo Technical Services , we provide all types of analytical solutions at every stage to help increase your production and assure profitability, all this by the use of best practises followed as per the latest industry standards. 

Fertilizers , pesticides, herbicides and insecticides played an important role in the “Green Revolution”. India is the 4th largest producer of agrochemicals. These are used right from the planning stage of farming, starting with the soil itself.    

Elemental balances of the soil are essential to promote growth. Soil analysis ensures that fertilizers are used in an economically and environmentally responsible manner. Soil pH, fertilizer and seed quality, plant tissue, compost, water and air quality testing are therefore essential aspects in this industry that value add to the final harvest and reflect positively in the annual balance sheets of the company. Enhanced crop production will do just that for your company. Additionally, we also test edible vegetable fats and oils and biofuels.   

 We not only test these aspects but also test all equipment used in the complete process of farming to ensure good maintenance and timely reporting thus maintaining the health of the machinery too so that work continues without any hurdles.    

Food safety is at the epitome of our priorities as it has a direct impact on an individual’s health. Critical technical support is thus provided until the final food produce has been declared safe and healthy for consumption.