The Indian chemical industry being an integral part of the Indian economy touches our daily lives in various aspects. According to the Indian Ministry of Departments this sector accounts for 13-14% of total exports and 8-9% of total imports of the country. In terms of volume, it is 12th largest in the world and 3rd largest in Asia. 

Today emphasis is on product innovation. Therefore, non- conformities in this sector can prove dangerous for the well-being of not just human lives but also the environment.

Chemical testing is therefore very essential to understand the quality and composition of chemical substances used in everyday products and industrial processes. Advanced analytical combination of techniques and latest technology is responsible for quick and real time problem solving. 

All processes and products are tested during and after manufacture by dedicated instruments and on-site quality control to ensure safe operation and to assure that the product will meet required specifications by implementing effective standards and regulations. 

We test all inorganic and organic industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, elastomers, agrochemicals, oleochemicals, polymers, fragrances n perfumes, food flavours and preservatives, colourants, nanomaterials, soaps, paints, surfactants and cleaning agents . We cover the entire spectrum of basic, speciality and consumer chemicals.  

We strongly believe in Benjamin Franklin’s quote;

 “An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure.”