Condition monitoring, a unique process of closely examining a parameter in machinery so as to identify any significant changes indicative of a developing fault avoidable through predictive maintenance. It provides a complete analysis of the health of any machine.  

Through Condition Monitoring, maintenance can be scheduled to prevent failure and avoid its consequences. Early detections and warning signs help shop floors prevent unscheduled breakdowns ,reducing the repair and maintenance costs, optimizing machine performance, reducing risks of accidental failures and above all increasing the profitability.     

Various machine condition monitoring methods are listed below:  

  1. Route Monitoring: Here the technician measures and records the machine data periodically using a handheld device. Data is then analysed to determine any advanced analysis intervention.   
  2. Portable Machine Analysis (PMA): A system whereby portable devices monitor the health of machines. Various types of sensors are attached to machines and data acquisition devices are used to fetch and collect data. 
  3. Factory Assertion Test (FAT): Used widely for quality assurance of finished goods meeting the predetermined design norms and recording possible failure modes of the equipment.
  4. Online Machine Monitoring (OMM): The mechanism of monitoring and diagnosing machines in running state. Here embedded devices and servers are used for data acquisition, analysis and maintenance scheduling.

We at TTS have the expertise in the application of various technologies to combine a number of condition monitoring tools providing the most effective monitoring package for your operations. Our company has introduced the benefits of Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance to organisations both large and small - in practically every conceivable industry, providing the most economical solutions to increase reliability of machinery.  

Modern condition monitoring encompasses many technologies, such as: vibration analysis, thermography, tribology, electron motor testing , laser shaft alignment etc. Our personnel are highly trained and experienced mechanical engineers and condition monitoring professionals who are able to discuss your individual maintenance and engineering requirements and offer solutions for implementing condition monitoring work or managing a reliability focused maintenance strategy.   

Partnership with TTS brings increased value to your products and processes, advancing your reputation in the global marketplace.