Need for Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessment has taken on a new urgency since the beginning of this decade. Today testing air quality is extremely important as it directly affects your employees’ performance and your customers’ and inhabitants well being. We recognize water quality to be critical to public health protection. Soil test results will guide you in the decision whether or not to fertilize, resulting in environmental and economic benefits, ensuring healthy plants in the farmlands.


At Tribo Technical Services we support the environmental protection functions and focus on analysing environmental samples that include drinking water, surface water, process water, sea water, waste water, sediment, ambient air, emissions, soil and hazardous waste, ensuring that testing capacity is available to support the public health and environmental protection objectives of the state. TTS hereby commits to provide quality service, accurate results in time and expert advice by its highly qualified staff. 

Analysis of a wide range of matrices for both routine and specialty testing programs are made possible with capabilities extending from trace level measurements to identifying and quantifying organics in high-level sources. We take great pride in environmental monitoring instruments and well qualified personnel to carry out environmental baseline and compliance monitoring that includes technical areas such as General Chemistry, Metals Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry and Water Microbiology. A few certified and calibrated instruments and equipments used for environmental monitoring are Respirable Dust Sampler, Fine Particulate Sampler, Benzene Sampler, Stack, Gas Analyser, CO Monitor, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Electronic Balance, ICP etc.

Only a few testing laboratories can combine this level of expertise, technological leadership and attention to quality, providing optimal customer satisfaction through our best practises. Newer methods resulting from changing environmental standards and the emergence of unknown contaminants allows our lab to fulfil the challenges with ease and help stand out amongst the others in the industry. Certification is non-negotiable. Regulations specify which methods are suitable for a particular parameter and matrix. Labs do enjoy the latitude to select one of several approved methods. Computerization provides the tools to demonstrate data integrity. “We should be able to recreate any calibration or data point that we report,”

Companies involved in fieldwork—mining, agriculture, electrical power, oil and gas exploration, and environmental remediation—operate in far-flung geographic areas that are hundreds or thousands of miles from the closest analytical lab. These firms require a facility that can provide high quality, near-real-time analysis of samples from soil, air, and water. This is where our company also steps in. We help design modular mobile environmental laboratories. 

Our niche is quick turnaround; analysing many parameters within very short hold times. TTS provides clients with a trusted laboratory partner that can respond to their needs with reliable analytical solutions.