The mining and metallurgy industry holds an important role in the prosperity of several cities and regions around the globe. Mining is one of the core sectors in India that drive growth in the economy. Not only does it contribute to GDP, it also acts as a catalyst for the growth of other core industries like power, steel, cement, et al. 

There are close to 3000 mines in India. We have the world’s 4th largest coal reserves and the 7th largest reserves of iron ore. We produce as many as 87 minerals, which includes 4 fuel minerals, 10 metallic minerals, 47 non-metallic minerals, 3 atomic minerals and 23 minor minerals. Of the total number, the three key minerals are coal, limestone and iron ore. 

In a world of globalization, technology advancement, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, exploration and mining face more complex challenges than ever before. Our expertise in mining places us at the forefront of the industry. From exploration to closure, quantitative measurements are essential. At different phases of project development there are different analytical requirements. Realistic data can only be obtained by accurate and careful laboratory testing. Correct monitoring, sampling and reliable chemical analysis are vital tools for mining. At some stage, a decision has to be made to establish a laboratory on site, the earlier the better.

We know that most mines in India are open cast mines as opposed to underground mines. Mining activity in any area impacts the environment as well as the socio-economic set-up. Therefore, ensuring that the adverse impacts are minimized and the benefits from mining to the impacted community are optimized becomes critical for mining to be being carried out in a sustainable manner. 

In the exploration stages, the emphasis is on analysis of ore samples. At the feasibility base line, environmental analysis of air, soil and water will be needed as well as pilot plant concentrate and tailings measurements. During production, routine analysis of samples for grade control, plant operations and shipment are required. At closure, and once the mine has shut down, environmental analysis will continue. The data required by the mining industry should be measurement based, scientifically approved and legally acceptable at all times. 

Tribo Technical Services delivers a full range of testing capabilities with signature quality, services and deliverables at mine sites irrespective of remoteness. Whether it is bulk minerals, Base Metal Ores, Non-metallic minerals or Precious minerals, metals or stones, we test them all. We provide Geochemical analysis of ultra trace, trace, minor and major elements, Screening of raw materials, Identification of quality concerns and causes and Characterization of impurities and contaminants. We follow an intensive global quality protocol that ensures uniform, standardized results accepted worldwide. 

Chemical analysis is a vital scientific tool for the mining industry. Many inorganic, naturally occurring materials have volatile components or moisture within their crystalline structure. We carry out Chemical analyses for moisture content and volatiles by Loss on Ignition and Thermogravimetry . Various other tests we perform include bulk density, specific gravity, and particle size distribution, Acid digestion or fusion plus analytical instrumentation for element suite analysis (AAS, XRF, ICP-AES/MS) , Carbon and sulphur analysis , Davis Tube Recovery and magnetic susceptibility for iron ore .

We at TTS engage right from the planning stage itself to listen to and work with people, understanding and addressing their concerns and expectations. Our technical and experienced staff takes pride in quick turnaround, compliance, and reliable analytical data to ensure seamless project operations. The site laboratories offer customers the assurance and convenience, that demands will be met with the utmost care, keeping in mind the criticality of operations. Non conforming samples are flagged immediately providing increased confidence in decision making as test results of samples provide clear action plan and recommendations. We help use resources efficiently and minimise waste. We provide you with the impartial and independent data regarding the quality and composition of your samples thereby reporting openly on performance and shortcomings. 

TTs endeavours to support the mining industry by helping in enhancing efficiency and global competitiveness. We are an ethical partner who you can trust to provide transparent and unbiased support to help you flourish in this challenging sector.