Polymers include all categories of plastics and man-made fibres. The principal raw materials for polymers are bulk petrochemicals. Their safety, quality, processes, regulatory compliance, performance and lifecycle are very important in todays urbanised communities.

The Indian subcontinent has established itself as the most exciting and dynamic emerging markets for polymers and plastics. India stands 3rd in the polymer consumption globally. With the announcement of the “Make in India” campaign; growth drivers of this sector are in place and with the insatiable manufacturing industry, supportive government policies and a freshly surging economy, the best is yet to come for this industry.  

The major markets for plastics are packaging (with food and pharmaceuticals having particularly stringent safety standards), home decor, water tanks, large storage containers, prosthesis, appliances, PVC pipes, automobiles, electronics, toys and games, wiring, surgical instruments, clothing and many others.

We at TTS will help you test all the major types of polymers such as the polyalkenes, polyurethanes, acrylics, polycarbonates, silicones, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester etc. Whether its mixing additives to modify the properties of raw polymer, or the extrusion, coating, forming or finishing process, we support all your testing needs at each step. 

We help identify the characteristic properties and flaws of your materials in compliance with all relevant national and international standards, thus ensuring that your polymeric materials meet your clients’ safety, environmental and aging requirements.   

Given the broad canvas of the industry we recognise that a “one size fits all approach” will not work. Therefore our test parameters will cover Mechanical Testing, Rheological Testing, Chemical Resistance, Thermal Analysis and Aging, Physical Testing, Electrical Testing, Heat Resistance , Combustion (Fire) or Flamability Testing, Weathering and Climate Testing, Optical ,Shrinkage , Barrier Testing and Adhesion Property Testing and will customise special packages as per your requirements. 

We strongly believe in the quote, “Excellence is not a skill, its an attitude” ; and our company’s functioning and reporting turn-around time reflects just that .