We work around the world with clients to manage their sampling needs. We deploy trained field technicians and carriers who routinely perform sample collection, sample pickup and transportation services for our customers. We also train your technical staff to carry out the sampling task to ensure reparative samples. Consulting on special sampling problems is also one of our core deliverables to the industry. Our focus is to meet diverse customer needs with a knowledgeable and courteous frontline team.

Our team of field technicians undergo extensive training in all aspects of sample collection including sampling for various types of industrial products. They ensure that your samples are collected, stored properly and transported in compliance to the certification standards.

Proper sampling and sample preparation is a critical for accurate analysis. Before a project-specific sampling program begins, the field sampling team will gain thorough knowledge of sample collection procedures, project management, and proper sample preservation methods, as described in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Using these SOPs as a guideline, sampling personnel ensure the client that collected samples are a true representative of the original system or source of the bulk material; fully labelled and identified, and properly preserved; ensuring the sample does not undergo any chemical or physical changes after completion of the sampling procedure; and transported to the laboratory in time.

We own and maintain a full list of field sampling equipment. The sampling department boasts cutting edge technology and equipment for job completion success, including portable samplers and monitoring sampling equipment.

We believe in “Safety First”. Our field technicians fulfil the safety requirements determined by our client, local and national regulations and maintain highest safety standards at hazardous waste sites; before sampling onsite.

You have the choice of avoiding costly resampling due to lack of lab communication or partnership oversights by choosing our team.  Our project managers and scheduling coordinator will work with you to manage all of your sampling and analysis needs to make your project a success.